Amy Adams talks about returning to TV

On Tv Today – Five-time Oscar nominee returns to television on HBO.

Q: You play a reporter in “Sharp Objects,” and you’ve played Lois Lane to Henry Cavill’s Superman. Are you done with journalistic roles for a while now?

A: There are so many personalities in every occupation, and so many different stories to tell. I’m sure there are many more stories of reporters to tell that could take me in different directions.

Q: “Sharp Objects” co-star Chris Messina played your husband in “Julie & Julia.” How was it to reunite with him?

A: I knew from working with him not only what a good an actor he is, but also how willing he is to be a supporting actor. He could be a fine leading man in his own right, but he’s always willing to step in and really deliver a fully fleshed-out supporting character.

Men don’t have the challenge of doing that as often as women do, so it’s really something that someone of Chris’ caliber does that so willingly and beautifully. It’s such a gift to have him in this, since having worked with him before, there was an innate trust and understanding that we developed.

Q: You worked in television a lot early in your career. How is it for you to return to it now?

A: The television landscape is just so much more broad and vast. I’ve always described television and me as being like a relationship where there’s nothing wrong with either person, you just decided to move on – but it’s changed so much.

It’s such a wonderful opportunity at this point to create these characters that might not have made it to the big screen. For me, and I know for other actors and actress, it’s just created such a different way of working. And it’s such a different exercise.