Amy Adams joins Christian Bale ‘VICE’ Special Screening and Q&A

On November 17, Annapurna realized a “Vice” special screening in Westwood, with the presence of writer/director/producer Adam McKay, Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Tyler Perry. Reviews are embargoed by now but social media reactions says that it’s a great movie and they’re coming to fight for the Oscar. Some reactions collected by The Playlist:

Dave Karger: Happy to report that #Vice is as entertaining, illuminating, and infuriating as Adam McKay’s last movie, The Big Short. The sharp screenplay and the astonishing Christian Bale are locks for nominations, and I’d predict makeup, Amy Adams for supporting, and Best Picture too.

Anne Thompson: Christian Bale does deliver an extraordinary performance in Vice that will score Oscar points. Amy Adams does too; she admires Lynne Cheney as a powerful pioneer woman. Tyler Perry met with Colin Powell, who made him read his book.

Scott Mantz: VICE: WOW! Bold, daring, very ambitious! Bravura writing & directing by Adam McKay! Gripping & riveting dark comedy! Tour-de-force performances by #ChristianBale & #AmyAdams! Bale will WIN the Oscar for Best Actor!

Eric Davis: #Vice is a bold and horrifying film about the abuse of power and its far-reaching and long-lasting consequences. Incredible performances (Bale, Adams, Carell, Rockwell are all fantastic), and McKay’s whip-smart, inventive storytelling keeps you invested & entertained

Gregory Ellwood: Vice is excellent filmmaking. Wish it found a way to explain Cheney’s motivations more but it’s main focus is the damage he has done. Bale is fantastic. Carrell is great. It’s likely Adams vs King for Supporting Actress.

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