Gallery Update: Justice League

We’ve add ScreenCaptures, Stills, Behind the Scenes and On Set pictures of Amy in Justice League (2017). Check the photos in our gallery: GALLERY LINKS: MOVIES > JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

New trailer for Justice League

The final trailer of Justice League was finally unveiled on last Sunday! We can see a lot of the Amy’s character (Lois Lane) in this trailer, and it’s so good! We also can finally see the character of Henry Cavill (Clark Kent / Superman). I really look forward to this movie. I hope this film has a good reception with

Lois Lane Is in Mourning in Justice League?

We would start this off with a spoiler alert, but if you haven’t heard about the ending of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice by now, well, not much can help you. The face-off between the heroes of Gotham and Metropolis ended in a way that most fans frankly didn’t see coming (or at least didn’t want to see coming). Superman finally