Frequently Asked Questions


Who are running the site?
You can read more about and the site here and asbout the team here.

Do you get paid for this?
No we don’t earn anything on the site and we pay for all magazines, clippings, movies, etc ourselves.

How did you make this site?
We did all the html in Notepad and all graphics has been made in Paint Shop Pro 9 or Adobe Photo Shop. The domain was bought at We use WordPress for our daily news and Coppermine for our gallery and video archive – we can recommend all of these scripts!

How do I contact the staff of this site?
Mail us, or use ou social media to contact us. Remember that we’re not Amy and we have no contact with her or her management!

Where do I send photos, fanart I want to contribute with, avatars and such?
Please send them to us through our email.


Where are all the photos from?
All of the photos in the gallery has been scanned, capped, searched for by us and so on, this took lots of time and was hard work so please don’t just steal the photos from here! Some things gets donated as well and we always appreciate that.

Can I please use your photos on my own site?
No, but yes. Ask us in an e-mail.